The New VdS CEA 4001: 2024-01 (Web Based Training)
Planning and Installation of Sprinkler Systems

The VdS guidelines for water extinguishing systems have been released in a new, updated edition in January 2024: VdS CEA 4001 (Guidelines for Sprinkler Systems, Planning, and Installation), VdS 2108 (Guidelines for Foam Extinguishing Systems, Planning, and Installation), and VdS 2109 (Guidelines for Water Spray Systems, Planning, and Installation). As usual, they are aimed particularly at planning and installation firms for water extinguishing systems, at operators of these systems who will find important information on maintenance, and at property insurers.

As with the last revisions of the guidelines for water extinguishing systems, the update follows a three-year cycle, each time including a variety of updates, adjustments, and additions. For example, relevant user experiences or current manufacturer innovations are taken into account in the new version, ensuring that water extinguishing systems can always be planned and installed in accordance with the latest state of the art.

2 teaching units of 45 minutes each or 01:30 hours in accordance with IDD

Note: The completely revised guidelines VdS CEA 4001, VdS 2108 and VdS 2109 are available in the VdS store: shop.vds.de.


Target Groups: Employees of VdS-approved installation companies for fire extinguishing systems, planning offices for building technology, employees of fire protection services and building authorities, insurance companies and experts.


Contents: In this recording of our VdS online seminar, the new features are presented in detail. The speaker is Frank Bieber. He is an expert, head of the VdS CEA 4001 working group and head of the TP product management department at VdS. The language of the recordings is german, but the Recordings are subtitled in english.

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By purchasing our web-based training course „The New VdS CEA 4001: 2024-01 (Web Based Training)“, you acquire a personalized individual license in German language with English subtitles, which you can use for 9 months.

The duration of the web-based training is approx. 90 minutes (2 learning units of 45 minutes each).

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